Following our blog post on Chair-based exercises for Older People to perform at home, we have devised 10 exercises for those managing a long term musculoskeletal condition, such as long standing back pain or osteoarthritis. These exercises are dervied from our popular Back Exercise Classes run by Kate twice a week for those recovering from, or living with, back pain.
The design of these classes is to perform the exercise for one minute at a constant pace with a 10 second break inbetween each one. There are some progressions advised to make them harder if required. To watch a video of all the exercises being demonstrated by Kate, please click this link. Enjoy! Let us know how you get on with them!
1. Side stepping. A nice warm up exercise, step side to side on the spot.
2. Step forward and back on one leg then on the other. Get your arms involved, swinging by your side, move your body to transfer your weight from one foot to the other.
3. Shoulder press. Holding a tin of beans in each hand by your shoudlers, elbows bent. Take the tins forward in front of you, back to your shoulders and then up above your head, back to your shoulders and repeat. Make this harder by increasing your pace or increasing your weight.
4. Lumbar stability. Lying down, feet on the sofa, bottom several inches away from the sofa so your knees are bent about 50 degrees. Lift one leg a couple of inches off the sofa, no movement of your bottom off the floor. Repeat on the other leg.
5. Press ups against the wall. Stand with your feet hip width apart, hands against the wall at shoulder height. Keeping your back still, bend your elbows to bring your face towards the wall then push back through your arms to upright again. Keep that steady pace throughout the minute! If you want to progress the difficulty, use a ball under your hands!
6. Marching on the spot. Lifting your knees as high as you feel comfortable, swinging your arms at the same time. If you are comfortable with this, progress it to a very gentle jog on the spot. 
7. Step ups. Using your bottom step or a step in your house, step up with one leg, then the other up, then return down with the first leg and down with the second leg. Repeat 5 times leading with right leg then 5 times with left leg and repeat for 1 minute. To make this harder, lift your opposite arm up to the ceiling at the same time.
8. Back stability. Sitting on the edge of a chair, sitting upright in your back. Straighten one leg out in front of you without moving your back. Repeat with the other leg. If you have a gym ball, sit on this instead to make it harder.
9. Sit to Stand. Arms across your chest, stand up and sit down, keep your knees in line with your feet – don’t let them collapse in – use a rolled up towel or cushion between your knees if you need to. If this aggravates your knees, place a cushion on the chair so you are standing from a slightly higher surface.
10. Balance in standing. Standing on a cushion, keeping your balance. If it’s easy on two legs, try closing your eyes or swing your arms or even stand on one leg.
Hope you enjoyed these! If you would like further guidance or information on our physio-led exercise classes, please do contact us or call us on 01642 205975.
With recognition to our Exercise Software, PhysioTec for the images.