Jaw Pain

Get back to a full range of pain-free movement

A jaw that locks, clicks, grinds or stiffens can cause significant pain and discomfort. But it can also have a huge impact on your daily life, affecting your ability to talk, eat, laugh, yawn and sleep – even triggering headaches and other referred pain.

Thankfully, physio can relieve jaw pain and enable you to get back to a full, comfortable range of movement.

What jaw pain can we treat?

We offer effective treatment for:

  • Spasms and lockjaw
  • Clicking jaw
  • Pain around jaw and temple
  • Limited range of movement

How do we treat jaw pain?

We are one of only two jaw pain specialists in North Yorkshire. Our approach prioritises investigating and addressing the cause of your pain – not just the pain itself. It’s the most effective way to speed up your recovery and prevent recurrence or future problems.

Your jaw is a ball and socket, just like your hip. To work well, it needs to have a full range of movement. Our treatments include exercises that address the biomechanics of your jaw – gently coaxing your muscles, improving your jaw mobility and reducing your pain. We also explain how to retrain your resting jaw position – a really important factor in promoting muscle relaxation and reducing tension.

If you need help with jaw pain, just contact us.