Get your team to peak performance – be pre-season ready


What is VALD technology?

VALD technology is a next level approach to measuring, managing and improving an athlete’s power, performance, strength, balance and asymmetry. Its super accurate metrics can be game changing when maximising you or your team’s performance or recovery.


Who is VALD technology for?

Trusted by elite organisations around the world, including the English Premier League, the RUFC and the NBA, VALD can be used by individual athletes or teams, in any sport – from cycling, running and rowing, to swimming, cricket and athletics. It’s the cutting edge route to ensuring you and your team are in peak condition.

How does VALD technology work?

VALD uses force decks to measure key parameters related to your neuromuscular strength, explosive power, and imbalances. This incredibly accurate data builds a detailed picture of you and your performance – and crucially, is compared to normative data to give your outputs meaning and context.

The result? Valuable insight and metrics that address your deficits, enabling us to create perfectly bespoke strength and rehab programmes that take you to peak condition.

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