Cycling Physio

Optimise your performance and comfort

Cycling shouldn’t cause you pain. So if you’re experiencing discomfort or injury, it’s likely to be a result of trauma – or poor biomechanics on the bike.

With our cyclist injury assessment and bike fitting service, you’ll not only decrease and prevent pain when you’re out on your bike, you’ll find optimum comfort and maximise your performance – perfect for professional and elite cyclists, to occasional weekend warriors.

What does a cyclist injury assessment and bike fitting involve?

Dallas is our experienced cycle specialist. He’ll assess your range of movement on the bike, your strength and flexibility, and your positioning – nailing your optimum position for comfort and performance.

This often highlights the root of your injury, offering a holistic approach to recovery with a bespoke treatment plan that also helps to prevent recurrence of future injuries. He may also discuss the benefits of both ‘off the shelf’ and custom insoles – maximising the impact and performance of your crucial foot/pedal contact point.

What to wear and bring

Please bring your bike, cycling kit and cycling shoes – and check your bike is clean and in good working order.

To optimise your performance and comfort, just contact us or book an appointment.