Sports Massages

Easing muscular stress and tension

During physical activity, stress and tension can build up in our soft tissue, often causing discomfort. Overuse of particular muscles can also cause injuries and pain. But having to stop competing, or miss training sessions because of tense muscles, can be frustrating. Sports massage combines deep tissue massage, and can alleviate muscular stress, helping to keep you in top physical shape. Because it compliments what we do as Physiotherapists, we offer  sports massage, here at North Yorkshire Physiotherapy.

Sports massage improves circulation, flexibility, and can disperse lactic acid. This can be extremely beneficial, particularly after a challenging sporting event, when our soft tissue and muscles feel tired, achy and heavy. It helps to keep you at your physical peak, lengthening tight muscles and making you more resilient to injury.

But it’s not just top athletes, or those in physically demanding jobs that can benefit from this sort of care and attention. Many people opt for a routine maintenance massage to keep their muscles relaxed and flexible, or simply to reduce stress.

Sam is a fully qualified physiotherapist and sports massage therapist. He offers sports massage appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 0900 – 1700. Please call the clinic on 01642 205975 to make an appointment with him.

Mandy, also a fully qualified sports massage therapist, runs a clinic on Wednesday afternoons but can be flexible if required.  To book an appointment with Mandy please click here.

For more information, or to make an appointment to start your recovery, please contact us or book an appointment below.

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