On Site Physiotherapy Services

Reduce the cost of injuries, with on-site physiotherapy

Do you have staff off work with back or neck pain? You’re not alone. One third of all time off work is due to musculoskeletal problems, as prolonged periods of deskwork, manual jobs and poor posture can all contribute to aches and pains in our muscles and joints.

When your staff are off sick with back and neck pain, they can be absent for weeks. The cost to your business can be enormous, with lost hours, the mounting expense of agency staff, poor staff retention and reduced productivity all draining your resources. Even sports related injuries from the weekend or a trip downstairs resulting in a sprained ankle can affect your staff’s ability to be effective at work. 

But why not be proactive? We can bring our expertise to your workplace, providing on-site physiotherapy to help keep your staff healthy and fit for work. Our approach is simple, and we don’t baffle you with jargon. We provide a thorough assessment, explain what’s wrong, and work with your employee to get them better. We also provide recommendations and self-management plans to reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

Why is our on-site physiotherapy perfect for your business?

  • We come to you, so there is minimal disruption to your working day
  • Your staff have easy access to treatment, so are more likely to report early
  • Early diagnosis means we can treat problems before they become chronic
  • By assessing your workplace, we can identify any environmental causes of injury and suggest practical solutions
  • We can teach your staff how to manage their injury, minimising recurrent problems and further time off work

We have an excellent and long-term relationship with Labman Automation, helping bring their staff back to health at a monthly on-site clinic. We also have other companies who ask us to see their employees at our fully equipped clinic in Stokesley. We can be flexible to meet your and your business’ needs. 

North Yorkshire Physiotherapy is a great business which is supporting other companies to ensure their teams are able to be great as well. Many workforces have small niggles and pains with muscles and joints that interfere with how well they work and this type of service is perfect to ensure people are kept as well as possible.

Tom Warnock NEEC

Having North Yorkshire Physio work with us at Labman is an amazing privilege. We can’t thank Kate enough for her hard work and pragmatic approach. Our aches and pains are in check, our postures are improving, and we’ve implemented useful changes to our work environment to help prevent and alleviate health problems. Staff that haven’t even needed to attend sessions have nonetheless felt supported in the knowledge that there is help on hand should they need it.

John Hesford