On Site Physiotherapy Services

Improving ergonomics can save you money and increase productivity

Each member of your staff team has a job to do, but poor workstation design can lead to fatigue, frustration, aches and pains. Each year, over 8 million working days are lost to posture-related aches and pains – particularly in the back, neck and wrist. The mounting costs of extended sickness pay, agency staff and reduced productivity all cost your business money.

A comfortable, happy worker is a productive worker.  Our ergonomic assessments explore the individual needs of your employees, looking for any mismatch between their environment, their physical ability and how their tasks are performed.  We then give you practical solutions to reduce or eliminate these risks, increasing efficiency and keeping your staff team fit for work.

We can perform anything from individual assessments for small businesses, to complete industry-specific, company-wide employee evaluations, including:

  • Driver assessments
  • DSE (display screen assessments)
  • Work place assessments
  • Pregnancy risk assessments
  • Homeworking assessments
  • Training employees to perform DSE assessments
  • Manual Handling musculoskeletal work place assessments

But really, assessments are advisable for any employees who perform repetitive tasks, those in a physical role, (requiring muscle effort), and those who spend prolonged time with awkward posture – e.g. drivers and desk workers.

How will you benefit from our on-site ergonomic assessments?

  • Injury-related compensation costs will fall
  • Reduced absenteeism costs
  • Output will rise as your staff become more efficient
  • Quality will improve as employees are more comfortable and motivated
  • Staff retention and morale will improve as employees feel more valued

North Yorkshire Physiotherapy is a great business which is supporting other companies to ensure their teams are able to be great as well. Many workforces have small niggles and pains with muscles and joints that interfere with how well they work and this type of service is perfect to ensure people are kept as well as possible.

Tom Warnock NEEC

Having North Yorkshire Physio work with us at Labman is an amazing privilege. We can’t thank Kate enough for her hard work and pragmatic approach. Our aches and pains are in check, our postures are improving, and we’ve implemented useful changes to our work environment to help prevent and alleviate health problems. Staff that haven’t even needed to attend sessions have nonetheless felt supported in the knowledge that there is help on hand should they need it.

John Hesford