Brace Fitting Service

Brace Fitting Service

North Yorkshire Physiotherapy is a certified fitting centre for brace fitting. The physiotherapists can fit a number of knee braces for everyday life and sporting activities. Bracing can play a major role in improving pain and function to allow an individual the opportunity to pursue their activities.

Would I benefit from using a brace?

  • Osteoarthritis bracing – Ossur Unloader One Osteoarthritis bracing is the market leader and has good evidence to show that it can make a real difference to patients’ lives.
  • Sports Bracing – Sports such as skiing, motorcross and trials biking can cause significant ligament injuries, and can benefit from bracing when clients return either after surgery or/if surgery is not indicated
  • Proprioception – Neoprene sleeves and hinged knee braces can be valuable tools to assist a client to return to sports and activities of daily living.

Ossur Unloader one with Smart dosing

The Unloader One is a lightweight brace that can be worn for moderate to severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis. This is ideal when patients have been told that “you are too young for a knee replacement”. The brace can be bought off the shelf with adjustments made for the specific size, laterality and compartment, or can be custom fitted and measured. Results can be felt immediately, and the brace can be used for both sport and leisure where the activity allows for brace usage.

After brace fitting:

  • 25% of patients reported a reduction in the use of pain medication. *
  • 31% of patients reported a reduction in the use of over-the-counter (OTC) anti-inflammatories. *
  • 35% of patients reported a reduction in the use of prescription anti-inflammatories. *

* Briggs, K.K., Matheny, L.M., and Steadman, J.R. 2012. Improvement in quality of life with use of an unloader knee brace in active patients with OA: A prospective cohort study. J Knee Surg 25, 417-422.

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Unloader Braces Website

Sports Bracing

Sports braces come in various forms, from simple hinged knee supports to elasticated supports, to customised ligament bracing. Following surgery or before surgery, patient may require additional stability to return to their sport such as skiing and motocross. This may be to protect the surgery or the damaged ligament.

Specialised sports use braces incorporating lightweight materials and robust bracing techniques to give the athlete stability and confidence whilst they are still able to perform at the highest level.

Examples of these braces include the CTi Braces (both custom and OTS), Thuasne range of ligament braces, DJO bracing etc.

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