Maximise the benefits of your surgery and make a confident return to normality

If you have recently had orthopaedic surgery, you may experience swelling, pain, stiffness or joint weakness. We know that you want your independence back as soon as possible, so you can return to normality. But the success of your surgery depends largely on what you do after your operation. Physiotherapy is an integral part of your recovery, and with the correct post-surgical rehabilitation, you can expect to make a great recovery.

Physiotherapy maximises the benefits of your surgery, and speeds up your recovery, by helping you to regain your strength, flexibility, movement and function. It gives you the confidence to return to many of your day-to-day activities, and get on with enjoying your life.

Here at North Yorkshire Physiotherapy, we have specialist experience in post-operative rehabilitation, and work closely with Orthopaedic Consultants to effectively manage your care.

Before we determine your treatment, we always assess your range of physical movement and your level of pain. We then guide you through a clear, tailor-made rehabilitation plan that takes you from strength to strength through the stages of your recovery.

To begin your post-operative recovery, please contact Kate, Dallas, Hannah or Alan.

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