Keep your staff healthy and happy at work with our wellbeing programme

If you have staff off sick due to stress, anxiety or back pain then you’re not alone.  Over 8 million working days were lost to back and neck pain between 2013/14, costing businesses millions in compensation, sick pay and agency staff.  There’s never been a more sensible time to invest in the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Healthy, happy employees are more motivated, engaged and efficient at work. Our ‘Wellbeing At Work’ programme will show you and your employees what they can do to support their wellbeing.

Many jobs are both physically and mentally demanding.  It’s important to understand that stress, anxiety and emotions can play as important a role in the wellbeing and productivity of your team, as discomfort, aches and pains.

That’s why our team of Physiotherapists works together with Health and Wellbeing Consultants, to provide a programme of talks that tackle wellbeing as a whole.

How will your business benefit from our talks?

Your staff are your biggest asset. Investing in their wellbeing means:

  • Increased staff retention, due to enhanced job satisfaction
  • Reduced sickness absence, injury compensation costs and sick pay
  • Improved productivity

How will your employees benefit from our talks?

Our talks can improve the health and wellbeing of your staff by helping them to understand:

  • What triggers pain, and ways to work more comfortably
  • How correct ergonomics and posture can reduce the risk of pain, discomfort and injury
  • Simple exercises to ease existing pain and disorders, increasing their motivation and productivity
  • The causes of stress and anxiety and the tools they need to manage them
  • How to promote positive emotions at work
  • How to develop good sleep patterns

We can tailor our talks to specific, industry-related problems, or you can ask us about our most popular programmes – all are designed to fit in with your working day, at your place of work.

If you would like us to come and deliver one of our talks to your staff, please just give us a call on: 01642 205975.

For more information, or to make an appointment to start your recovery, please contact us or book an appointment below.

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