North Yorkshire Physiotherapy
Muscle and joint pain makes
everyday life difficult.

But you could be pain free and back to doing what you love -
in just 6 weeks

North Yorkshire Physiotherapy
Friendly, professional and
welcoming team. From our
reception staff to our
highly qualified physiotherapists,
we go the extra mile for you
North Yorkshire Physiotherapy
Easy access, easy parking. Free
parking right outside our ground
floor clinic on Stokesley Business
North Yorkshire Physiotherapy
Visit our Northallerton clinic -
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Opening an additional clinic in Northallerton on 4th September. Call us on 01642 205975 to book

We are an independent physiotherapy practice treating all muscle and joint pain, and mobility problems. Our approach is simple: we won’t baffle you with jargon – we’ll explain what’s wrong, and work with you to get you better.

We treat everything from sprained ankles, shin splints, sciatica, lower back and knee pains, to rheumatoid arthritis, MS and post-operative rehabilitation. Muscle and joint pain makes day-to-day life difficult. But even a few sessions with our friendly, professionally qualified team of Physiotherapists can get you back to living your life to the full – making everyday activities easier.

Orthotic Assessments
Orthotic Assessments
Sports injuries
Sport Massage
Sports Massage
Brace Fitting
Brace Fitting
Cycling Assessment
Cycling Assessment
Joint & Muscle
Joint & Muscle
Back & Neck
Back & Neck
Shockwave Therapy
Shockwave Therapy

Start your treatment straight away with same/next day appointments. You could be pain-free in five sessions. We treat the cause, not just the symptoms. Comfortable, considerate treatment…

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"The problem was completely rectified"
Harry Tanfield, Elite Cyclist for UCI Continental Team Bike Channel, Canyon

Just want to thank Dallas at North Yorkshire Physiotherapy for his immediate support in rectifying my lower back issue. Within 3 days, the problem was completely rectified with following the detailed stretches and exercise he gave me after a consultation. Riding my bike ‘pain free’ again feels great!

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"Provided a lot of help and support"
Sue Thompson, Stokesley

Dallas was terrific in dealing with my son Archie’s knee issues. He explained exactly what the issue was and provided a lot of help and support on managing his knees in the future. Would highly recommend North Yorkshire Physio.

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Professional care and kindness

I would like to thanks Kate and everyone I met at North Yorkshire Physiotherapy for their professional care and kindness during my recovery from a recent knee injury. This was my first experienced of Physio but it was an extremely positive and beneficial one.

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Welcoming atmosphere

I work for North Yorkshire Physio and I find it a friendly place to work, we have a lovely welcoming atmosphere and do our best to relax and inform all our patients.

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Local company with the knowledge
Andrew Whitwell, Labman Managing Director

The on-going well-being of staff is a high priority for Labman. It has been great to find a local company with the knowledge to come in and help with custom physiotherapy plans.

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I have so much better movement and less pain

Kate thank you so much for all your hard work which has improved my wrist and arm enormously I have so much better movement and less pain so fingers crossed this does get rid of the final bit! I am truly grateful for all you have done in improving my quality of life.

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Amazing privilege…
John Hesford

“Having North Yorkshire Physio work with us at Labman is an amazing privilege. We can’t thank Kate enough for her hard work and pragmatic approach. Our aches and pains are in check, our postures are improving, and we’ve implemented useful changes to our work environment to help prevent and alleviate health problems. Staff that haven’t even needed to attend sessions have nonetheless felt supported in the knowledge that there is help on hand should they need it.“

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Full recovery is in sight

"The pain went quite early on, the stiffness has been going steadily and a full recovery is in sight. You must work at the recovery plan, being sure to exercise daily, keep down your weight and stay fit, but if you can do this successfully a new lease of life is a completely realistic aim. I am now regaining muscle and enjoying a new sense of well-being. The capacity of the human system for recovery is remarkable and so a big thank-you to North Yorkshire Physiotherapy for proving the truth of this."

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I'm pain free today

"Alan, I can't thank you enough. From when I got off the couch, I started mobilising easier. For the first time in my career, I followed instructions and stretched properly. Sad, I know but it’s true. Either way I managed to complete the GNAAS Gyro yesterday. Brutal, and yes, I may have walked the worst gradients for a few seconds, but I got round, somewhere in the middle of a 100 strong field and I’m pain free today. Not bad for a big lad. I owe you one, it meant a great deal to have the confidence to get going. As you saw, I was fairly broken."

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I am very thankful…

"After surgery I had complications with (... crystals) in my knee joint, Dallas worked very hard to manage this rare condition. Over the last 6 years we have become good friends and he has helped me through all the tough times that come with top level sport. Trials and Enduro are very physical and there is a lot of wear and tear on the body so I am very thankful to have such a great Physio behind me keeping me in the best shape I can be in. If it wasn’t for Dallas, I would have struggled to have been able to walk again let alone ride bikes and compete all over the world, for that I owe him everything!"

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Thank you for your skill…

"I just wanted to thank you for your skill in identifying the issue, your help to identify the right surgeon and the post operation support. Probably just as important is your empathy and understanding."

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Kate mended me…

"Both my elbows have hurt for many months with great discomfort to go about my daily tasks. Getting an appointment was easy and Kate mended me and resolved my pain in only 3 sessions. She is very thorough and professional; she was very inquisitive about the pain and diagnosed that the problem was not in my elbows but coming from my neck. Kate really knows her stuff and is a specialist in her field. She also has a friendly non-intrusive way about her, and she made me relaxed and welcome from the first time I entered the practice."

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I am back doing all the things I did before…

"I began seeing Kate in October 2020 after having a cycle accident fracturing the neck of my femur. After regaining my mobility, I was left with quite a pronounced limp. Kate quickly identified my problem and set me on a course of rehabilitation with a steady programme of exercises including gym work to strengthen the muscles and improve the flexibility of my hip. It has been quite a long journey but with Kate's help I am back doing all the things I did before. At all times Kate has been very supportive and encouraging and has been instrumental in helping restore my confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending North Yorkshire Physiotherapy - first class physiotherapy and friendly professional reception staff."

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Definitely recommend NYP…

"Easy to book an appointment online. Was seen very quickly. Thorough assessment and very effective treatment meant my back/ hip pain has now almost completely resolved. Online exercise with video is very helpful. Would definitely recommend NYP and use again if needed."

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Kate identified my hip problem and explained…

"In just a very few sessions Kate identified my hip problem and explained the reasons for my symptoms. She prescribed simple easy exercises that have helped greatly to relieve the symptoms and allowed me to continue walking and hiking for leisure. This was a very friendly, empathetic, and easy process and Kate explained fully the anatomical details of my problem and the object of the exercises. I would highly recommend this Physiotherapy service."

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Dove straight in and pin pointed my issue…

"Suffering a chronic hip pain for weeks leading to time off work, I knew of Dallas through my work and opted to book in after seeing a different physio and no change. Great guy all round and the physical treatment in my first visit has drastically improved the pain and my mobility. The homework provided is making more improvements on top of that. What was unknown to a previous physio, Dallas dove straight in and pin pointed my issue. I cannot commend NYP enough!"

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