Brace Fitting

Reducing pain and inflammation – supporting recovery

What are knee braces for?

We fit knee braces to help reduce pain and inflammation, and aid post-injury recovery. They can be worn for everyday life or sporting activities, and play a major role in improving pain and function – providing key support to help you enjoy an active lifestyle.

Would I benefit from using a brace?

  • Osteoarthritis braces (including ‘Ossur Unloader One’ braces) can make a huge difference if you have osteoarthritis in your knee – reducing pain and inflammation, improving your mobility and slowing disease progression
  • Sports braces can reduce pain and improve healing and recovery after significant ligament injury – a firm favourite with skiers, trial bikers and motocross riders
  • Neoprene sleeves provide comforting compression, support and pain-relieving warmth for everyday use
  • Hinged knee braces give maximum support for weak and unstable knees, as well as protection after injury

How does a brace fitting work?

As a certified centre for brace-fitting, we’ll discuss whether a brace is the right choice for you. If it is, we’ll explain what sort of support your knee needs and which brace will give you the best results. We’ll then show you exactly how to wear it for optimum comfort and recovery.

Keen to find out more about our brace-fitting service? Just contact us.