Sports Massage

Ease muscular stress and tension

During physical activity, stress and tension can build up in our soft tissue, often causing discomfort. Overuse of particular muscles can also cause injuries and pain – and it can be frustrating to stop competing, or miss training sessions, because of tense muscles. That’s where sports massage comes into its own.

What is a sports massage?

Sports massage is a deep tissue massage and a brilliant way to alleviate muscular stress. It improves circulation, flexibility, and can disperse lactic acid – perfect after a challenging sporting event, when our soft tissue and muscles feel tired, achy and heavy.

Who will benefit from a sports massage?

If you’re an athlete, a sports massage will help to keep you at your physical peak, lengthening tight muscles and making you more resilient to injury. But contrary to belief, a sports massage is not just for top athletes. Anyone can benefit from a routine maintenance massage to keep their muscles relaxed, flexible and stress-free.

We have a sports massage therapist at both our Stokesley and Northallerton clinics, so you’re never far from the perfect post-event treatment.

To book a sports massage to ease your muscular stress and tension, just contact us or book an appointment below.