Workplace Physio

The proactive approach to staff absence and well-being

What is workplace physio?

When your staff are off sick with back or neck pain, they can be absent for weeks. The cost to your business can be enormous – lost hours, expensive agency staff, poor staff retention and reduced productivity all drain your resources.

Workplace physio is a fantastic, proactive approach to reducing staff sick leave resulting from musculoskeletal problems. It’s simple – we bring our physiotherapy expertise to your office, helping to keep your staff team healthy and fit for work.

How will workplace physio benefit your business?

  • Early diagnosis means we can treat problems before they become chronic
  • Easy access to treatment will improve your staff wellbeing
  • We come to you, so there’s minimal disruption to your working day
  • We identify environmental causes of injury – and offer practical solutions
  • We teach your staff how to manage their injury, minimising recurrent problems and further time off work

How does workplace physio work?

If a member of your team is suffering from musculoskeletal pain, we’ll perform a full biomechanical assessment to help identify and treat the cause of their pain – not just their symptoms.

We use a range of treatment techniques, from manipulation, massage and strengthening exercises, to posture work and acupuncture. We’ll also talk them through a bespoke self-management plan, to reduce the risk of their injury reoccurring.

We can also visit in a preventative capacity offering presentations providing advice and education on injury and pain prevention and management.

To book one of our expert team, please just contact us.