Dizziness/Vertigo Rehab

Restoring your balance and confidence

Dizziness and vertigo can feel hugely unsettling. Feeling faint, weak, unsteady and nauseous can knock your confidence, and when it feels like your surroundings are spinning, it can throw your balance – often causing falls.

Vestibular physio can significantly improve your balance, reduce feelings of dizziness and spinning, and help you to refind your confidence.

How do we treat dizziness and vertigo?

Vestibular physio deals specifically with dizziness and vertigo – your inner ear system. After a thorough examination, we’ll identify and explain what’s causing your dizziness, and use a variety of techniques and exercises to alleviate your symptoms and help you restore your sense of balance.

These often involve manual head manoeuvres and/or a progressive programme of exercises that encourage your central nervous system to compensate for any problems in your inner ear. We’ll also talk you through an exercise-based programme that you can continue at home.

We may also use the Epley manoeuvre to move any otoconia crystals that are disrupting your vestibular system.

If you need help restoring your balance and confidence, just contact us.