A frequent comment we hear is:

“I should have come to see you earlier – I just thought it would go away.”

Fully recovering from surgery and injury is vital to prevent future problems. Early movement and loading is vital for the healing process. But it can be scary to know how much to do when you are unsure what is wrong. Physiotherapists can diagnose the reason for your pain and then gradually load the area to promote healing and strengthen new tissue. This can also help to prevent altered movement patterns that can put pressure on other parts of your body and create possible future problems.

We have clients who return to us with new injuries quickly after onset as they now realise how important it is to get the right advice quickly. Not only does this mean you get back to living your life quickly, but also means less time with a physiotherapist as there is less to put right!

This doesn’t mean it is too late to make things better if your pain is ongoing. We can look at what hasn’t fully recovered – what need stretching or strengthening, what needs to get moving to help relieve your pain and restore your function.

  • Have you even been told you may need surgery for an ongoing problem?
  • Have you consulted a physiotherapist?

Ongoing pain can also be relieved and surgery avoided with the right advice and exercise programme. We frequently see clients who avoid surgery with the right graded exercise programme and treatment.

Case Studies

  • One week since a calf strain a client came into the clinic on crutches, not weight bearing well through leg and walking on tip toes. 4 days following initial consultation, he was walking with a near normal pattern, without any crutches. He is aiming to manage some skiing in his holiday in 3 week’s time.
  • A client attended us 3 weeks after a knee pain came on whilst running. He was unable to move his knee, was working on light duties and had difficulty weight bearing. He was assessed, diagnosed, treated and given an exercise programme. One week later he was fully weight bearing, had full range of movement, back at full duties at work and ready to start exercising again.
  • Another client came to our clinic 6 months following a fractured ankle, continuing with pain and balance issues. We were able to provide an explanation for her continued pain and weakness, treatment and an exercise programme with a plan of action. The client left her session feeling reassured and much more positive about her upcoming quality of life.
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September 2017


So don’t delay and suffer.

Get your life back as soon as you can!

Any time is a good time to access physiotherapy.

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