Have I got your attention?!

Are you wearing the correct bra size?

Have you ever thought you’d be reading about bras on a physiotherapy website?!

It occurred to me to write this blog post following an exchange with a client. Her Mum had recommended her to me. As she stood in front of me, ready to have her shoulder assessed, I said “When did you last get measured for the correct bra size?” “Ah,” she sighed, “My Mum told me you were going to tell me off about that!”

Why did I want to know?

Well, apparently  64% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

  • Would we wear the wrong size shoes?
  • Would we wear the wrong size trousers?
  • Wouldn’t we try a few pairs on to see what felt comfortable first?
  • Would all size 6 shoes fit and feel the same on a size 6 foot?

NO, and breasts are no different.

And as feet are important to us to stand on, our breasts are important and need looking after too. They can also be heavy. If something that is heavy isn’t well supported, the strain is going to be taken by something somewhere. In the situation of our breasts this lack of support can contribute to pain in the neck, shoulders or upper back.

How do you know if you are wearing a correct bra?

The straps account for just 20% of the support. The rest comes from the support underneath. This support needs to sit in a straight line across the upper back and be linked on by the final clips on the strap. The sliders on the straps over the shoulders should be over the top of the shoulder, just on the back. And remember, not all the same size bras will fit! Try different styles and even different sizes in different styles.

How often should I be measured?

Twice a year!

We fluctuate regularly in our size, with weight changes, hormonal issues and changes in our rib cage size. So make yourself an appointment at a local store to get checked out! I have had ladies do this and return saying they have never felt so comfortable! I have had some people who have NEVER been measured for a correct bra size!

So don’t risk getting told off by me!