Cycling Injury Physiotherapy

We are excited to offer a new physiotherapy service for cyclists of all levels.

This service is aimed at:

  • maximising performance whilst cycling
  • maximising comfort whilst cycling
  • decreasing pain whilst cycling

Bike fit  includes a combination of:

  • physiotherapist assessment of the ranges of motion of the cyclist
  • strength and flexibility of the cyclist
  • measurement of static and dynamic parameters of both the cyclist and/or the bike

Cycling is a form of exercise which should not cause pain and most injuries on a bike are caused by trauma. Overuse or static loading injuries are due to poor biomechanics on the bike.

We aim to correct these issues by addressing both the rider and the bike.

We aim to find the optimum position that the rider is able to assume to improve comfort, pain and performance.

This service is conducted by Dallas Newton who is an experienced cyclist and student of all things cycling. He has experience of working with many sports people, from the professional to the weekend warrior.

For more details and to book and appointment please visit our website or cakll us on 01642 205975