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Giving you the confidence to enjoy everyday life

Senior MSK Physiotherapist, Musculoskeletal Physio, North Yorkshire Physiotherapy, StkesleyIf you are suffering from weak pelvic floor muscles, you are not alone. For many women, whether pregnant, a new mum, or recovering from gynaecological surgery, it can be a sensitive issue, and one that we are embarrassed to confront. But Physiotherapy can transform your muscle tone, giving you the confidence to enjoy the everyday activities that others take for granted.

As women, our bodies go through many changes throughout our lives. Pregnancy and childbirth alone take their toll, but often problems arise for many other reasons too. We understand that the effect of poor bladder control can be overwhelming, knocking your confidence and often stopping you from participating in physical activity. Simple things like laughing, running, sneezing or coughing can be a major problem. Physiotherapy that specifically targets your pelvic floor can alleviate your symptoms, working on the key muscles that control your bladder.

Here at North Yorkshire Physiotherapy, our specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Hannah Holloran, is trained to manage this sensitive area. Because we believe in finding and treating the cause of problems, not just the symptoms, Hannah will work with you to understand your problem as a whole. This will include an individual treatment plan that looks at diet and fluid intake as well targeted exercises for the pelvic floor.

Evidence suggests that guided exercises from a trained physiotherapist is more beneficial than attempting to follow exercises alone – they can sometimes be done incorrectly, leading to further problems with increased tone in the pelvic floor, putting too much pressure on the bladder. Hannah can assess the exact nature of your problem and may use equipment to help activate the pelvic floor. She may need to perform an internal examination which you can refuse and you may also request a chaperone to be present. All our treatment rooms are completely private and all your information is kept in the strictest of confidence.

For more tips and advice on incontinence issues visit the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s page here.

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