Just want to thank Dallas at North Yorkshire Physiotherapy for his immediate support in rectifying my lower back issue. Within 3 days, the problem was completely rectified with following the detailed stretches and exercise he gave me after a consultation. Riding my bike ‘pain free’ again feels great!

Harry Tanfield
Elite Cyclist for UCI Continental Team Bike Channel, Canyon.


Dallas was terrific in dealing with my son Archie’s knee issues. He explained exactly what the issue was and provided a lot of help and support on managing his knees in the future. Would highly recommend North Yorkshire Physio.Sue Thompson


“A big thank you to Kate and the welcoming staff at North Yorkshire Physiotherapy! I went along with a painful and debilitating sciatica, Kate listened at length to my problems, and a matter of weeks later I am greatly improved. Not only have the exercises been effective, but the psychological support has been invaluable. Now I am jogging again every day. Thank you!”

“I’d picked up a knee injury which had brought my runs across the moors to a halt. Kate at NYP assessed the problem and gave me a number of strengthening and stretching exercises to do and after a few weeks I’m back out there again. Kates explanation of what the problem was and her attention to detail regarding carrying out the exercise movements was excellent. I would highly recommend Kate and NYP to anyone wanting help with a sports injury.”

“I was in terrible sciatic pain due to a diagnosed herniation at L4-L5 while on a break in the North East.
I telephoned and got a same day private appointment with Sam.

I got a very thorough examination and feedback and then manipulation and massage.

Really importantly he gave me a series of exercises to perform and they use an app that you can monitor your exercise progression on, which also describes each movement if you click on it and you can click again to see a video of the exercise being performed. This is so helpful to ensure you are performing them correctly and it helps motivate you to keep it up.

Obviously it’s not always affordable, but if you are suffering, it was an incredibly low cost to access such professional expertise.

Sam is brilliant and an excellent and sympathetic communicator.”


“North Yorkshire Physio restored my faith and trust in excellent holistic care and patient wellbeing. After a double knee femoral operation, Alan Frawley set out a plan to get me mobile and walking by prescribing difficult but manageable exercises. After 4 months I have an excellent rate of flexion to both knees and have achieved my goals of playing golf and riding my mountain bike all thanks to the great Physiotherapy provided by NYP. I’m extremely thankful to all the Team especially Alan Frawley, who pushed me along and, in my mind, accelerated my progress.”