Life as a Physiotherapist in Private Practice

Private practice comes in all shapes and sizes. I work in a small independent clinic called North Yorkshire Physiotherapy.  I established the business with fellow physio, Dallas Newton, in 2013.  We are based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire.

Previously, whilst working in the NHS, I only had a few forays into the private sector in various settings. Therefore I found private practice a huge challenge.  But I loved it and I still do.


Word is spreading to the public about the benefits physiotherapy can provide. Many people now have private health insurance. Others are willing to pay for their treatment if they are unable to wait for, or travel to, NHS appointments. Although the majority of my clients are musculoskeletal based, we also have a specialist in neurological physiotherapy.

Our clients are ever varied

They range from:

  • acute to long standing
  • single joint to multiple trauma
  • pre-operative and post-operative
  • respiratory problems
  • balance and mobility issues.

Through the NHS I gained a wide variety of experience and teachings. Therefore I  feel very prepared to deal with many conditions that may come through the door.

What do I enjoy about Private Practice?

One of the enjoyable aspects of working in private practice is dealing with highly motivated individuals.  They want to return to as full a function as they possibly can. We educate and  guide our clients so they feel empowered to manage their conditions. We are privileged  to be able to treat as we feel best for the client. In the clinic we have options for gait analysis. Additionally, we link with  a network of other health and exercise professionals and refer when appropriate.  Consequently we can maximise clients’ recoveries. The satisfaction at seeing a client delighted in their abilities to do something they didn’t think possible is indescribable.

What else do we do?

The environments in which we work stretch beyond the treatment room. We have successful physio-led back exercise classes and balance classes for the elderly. Additionally, we provide home visits and go into Nursing Homes. We also attend a local business providing advice on general aches, pains and injuries, helping staff with their working practices to enhance productivity and job satisfaction.

Our passion for physiotherapy takes us into situations where we can showcase our profession. We provide presentations and training and host stands.  I have been interviewed for books and newspaper articles –  I’ve even been on local radio!  These are fantastic opportunities to raise the profile of the profession in an increasingly competitive market and demonstrate the range of skills we have.  As physios, we believe we are best placed to fully rehabilitate clients, promote self-management and empower individuals to care for their own health and well being. We are committed to getting this message across to the general public.

Private physiotherapy has wonderful benefits but also its own sets of challenges, mainly dealing with health insurance companies and intermediaries. Physio First work with private practitioners. They collect and analyse data to prove to insurance companies the value of physiotherapy, not only to individuals but also to society and the economy as a whole.


Ultimately, I love working in the independent sector but I believe that as long as you love your profession, you can thrive wherever you like.

Kate Bye

Co-director and Senior Physiotherapist


If you wish to visit us or make an appointment, please  call us on 01642 205975 or send us a message.