Video Consultations

During the first Covid Lockdown in March 2020 we closed our clinic to all but essential physiotherapy appointments. We quickly adapted and followed up existing clients and managed new ones via virtual means – mainly video consultations.

Kate demo via video linkUsing various platforms including Skype, Facetime, What’s App and Zoom, we were able to help our clients continue their rehabilitation from pain and injury as well as advise and assist new clients with new conditions. Due to the continued pademic, despite now being fully operational in full PPE and strict infection control procedures in place, we continue to offer video consultations due to their success and to keep many of our vulnerable clients as safe as possible. This has also enabled us to continue to manage clients wherever they may be in the UK or abroad!



How does a video consultation work?

After an initial telephone call where we establish a video consultation is the most appropriate way forward, the best platform to contact you on is agreed upon. We ask you to be able to set up your device in a position that would allow us to see you and room for you to perform certain movements and activities. You may require a second pair of hands to help you.

Dallas virtual workingOnce we start the call we will have an in-depth discussion about your condition, in the same way we would if the appointment was face to face. This gives us a good idea of what may be the cause of your pain and problem. We will then ask you to perform certain movements or activities for us on camera, letting us know what brings on your pain, for example movements of your back, squats, heel raises. We can see from how much movement you have, what your strength is like and how you move, what may be the issue. From all this information we can prescribe you a bespoke exercise programme that is explained to you and then emailed with videos, pictures and descriptions. We will also provide you with detailed advice and education to help you manage and recover from your pain.

If we feel we would need a face-to-face session, this is discussed, including all the risks involved regarding Covid. However, if we feel we can manage your condition via virtual means then a follow up will be arranged using this platform.

Zoom Exercise Class

Zoom exercise class

In October we rolled out our Virtual sessions to include our popular back exercise class. This is a class designed for anyone with a long term condition that usually runs twice weekly in our gym area. Kate sets up a Zoom meet and our clients perform their exercises at home under Kate’s guidance and instruction. One member commented after our first class:

“I thought it worked well and that you explained the exercises well so I was able to understand; will look forward to next one!”

We currently have 9 regular participants and have room for more! The exercises are adapted for each individual and if Kate thinks something needs altering she will advise the participant accordingly.


In the period March to December 2020, 61 clients received an initial appointment via video and were discharged with full resolution of their issue. 44% of these were resolved without requiring a face to face appointment and over half of these needed just one advice session.

As deemed clinically necessary, clients were brought in for face to face appointments or were referred to their GP for issues that needed further investigation.


Phone appointments

Here are a few comments we have received from clients who have had their treatment via our virtual programme:

“It was mid COVID when I contacted NYP and I had been shielding for 3 months. After discussion with Kate, we agreed on a video session.

Kate and I did each session via Zoom which included questioning & movement to find where the problem was, try the “prescribed” exercise to ensure that I was doing them correctly. This was followed by an email showing the exercise to do at home, picture, instruction and frequency.
I was sceptical about doing this via video but have to admit that after a week, there was some improvement. I have had several sessions, different exercises and my shoulder/ arm are very much improved. Would certainly recommend a video consult/treatment. No need to be in pain when this is so easy & straightforward to do.”
“Thank you Dallas. I wasn’t sure how it would work but I was amazed at how much could be done and information gained through a video consult!”
“Very professional friendly and effective treatment for my sport related injury. Due to COVID restrictions Kate managed my problem via zoom appointments which worked surprisingly well compared to a hands on visit. Strongly recommended. Many thanks.”
More Information
For further information about a video consultation in the safety of your own home, give us a call on 01642 205975. We can help with your pain and injury and start you on your rehab journey without the concern of face to face contact that you may have.