GDPR is coming!

GDPR is coming

You are probably aware, due to the influx of emails in your inbox asking you to re-subscribe, that there is a new law coming into force on May 25th this year. Known as the General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR, they are legal obligations which any organisation, that collects or processes personal data, must follow. These supercede the current data protection regulations we follow.

At NYP we are obviously not exempt from this.

What have we been doing to prepare for these regulations?

  • We have completed a data audit looking at all the data we hold, why we collect it and for how long we have to retain it. This includes data about our clients, past and present, our employees, contractors and suppliers.
  • We have confirmed our legal obligations for keeping data.
  • We are updating our privacy policies.
  • We are confirming with our overseas suppliers that they conform to GDPR.
  • We are ensuring the security of all the data we keep.

What further actions will we be taking in the next 2 weeks?

  • We will send an email to all our newsletter subscribers.
  • We will alter our registration form for our clients.
  • We will publicise our new privacy policy for clients on our website.
  • We will ensure that all staff are trained in the new GDPR, including how we handle data.

If you have any queries regarding the controlling and/or processing of your data please do get in touch.